The Priestly Adventure of Father Marvis (Part 1)

by Bukola Comfort Ayodele

Father Marvis, a strong advocate against fornication and tardiness would always threaten his congregation with fire and brimstone. During evening services, over his cranky megaphone, he would scream damnation upon erring youths.

He would shout about his revelations and visitation to hell.

With tears in his eyes he would give details about the men and women the angel who escorted him to hell made him speak to. He would share the stories about how they were neck deep into fornication and didn’t accept that it was a grave sin despite the warning they received. He would give detail about how the fire razed their flesh while moths came out of various holes in their body. He would explain how maggots nibbled at their decayed body while they screamed and gnash their teeth.

He would emphasis on how they would not be able to die despite the torture.

During choir practice and rehearsals periods, he would wait at the door to tongue lash every late choir member and remind them of how the Lord detest tardiness and how it will make them miss the golden carriage to heaven on the last day. The choir members dreaded his tongue lashing, hence their timeliness.

Except for Ekaete who always showed up the moment Father Marvis stepped away from the door.

She had an air of arrogance around her which made her the least loved among the choir cliques even though she was the main soloist.

She would also usually stay back after practice to go through the practiced hymns with Father Marvis, and he always looked forward to these moments.

And why not? Because except for these days, he had no other opportunity to suck Ekaete’s breasts nor have his balls in her mouth. These moments were golden to him and he would risk eternal damnation for Ekaete’s breasts.

He would often look at his reflection in the mirror before changing his megaphone batteries, pointing to it and say:

“Don’t judge me, I’m only human. Hell was made for us.”  

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