The Priesthood Affair (3)

by Tiana Akachi Ifenkwe

He had pecked her after seeing that she wasn’t going to succumb to a kiss. Thinking about it now made her smiled. She was a melanin princess; if not, she imagined if she was white she’d have been blushing or maybe black girls blush too.

She hugged her pillow tight and wished she was hugging him instead. She could remember every detail of that day. He had dropped her home after she announced that she had a test the next day and needed to go home to prepare. No, that was just an excuse. She imagined spending more time with him and doing the unthinkable. She was too attracted to him, so she had to leave.

She touched her cheek. It still felt like he had just pecked her. She could still feel the warmth of his lips, of his breath. “Arrrrgggghhh”, she groaned. She had to make up her mind fast. She had to come to a decision if she wanted to have this affair with him or not. And why couldn’t she? She thought. It didn’t matter to her that he was a priest. No, it mattered, she rephrased. He was betrothed to the church.

Not that people paid attention to these things these days, but she had morals, or so she thought, and she wasn’t going to throw them away all because of some funny attraction she was having. Dangerous attraction, perhaps. But she loved him.

Damn! Damn!! Damn!!! She hit her pillow. Why did he have to be a priest? But then again, if he wasn’t a priest she wouldn’t have met him. She was going to lose him and it was only a matter of time before that happened. Things like this never ended well… and she wasn’t going to try her luck. She’d just call things off and stop seeing him.

Coward much.

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