The Priesthood Affair (1-3)

by Tiana Akachi Ifenkwe

Chapter 1

He had come to pick her just a few miles away from her house. She got into his car and greeted. He replied with a smile, that smile that always melted her. The smile she’d been drawn to in the first place. Oh God, she muttered. This wasn’t going to be an easy feat. What was she even thinking when she accepted the date?

At intervals, he turned to look at her. She could see him doing that from the corner of her eyes. Rita didn’t return the looks though. She felt so shy whenever she was around him. He was an older man but he was a very handsome man and more than that, he was her crush.

Within thirty minutes, they arrived at their destination, and as usual, he got down to open the door for her. No man had ever treated her like this, and it made her this feel special. She got down.

As they walked towards the entrance of the restaurant he had brought her to, she asked, “What if…”, she cleared her throat as a lump was already forming and continued, “…what if someone saw us here, some one that knows you?”

He chuckled. She stopped to look at him. “You find this funny?” she asked. He patted her back in that loving manner she was beginning to get used to. “You worry too much, darling, I don’t care. So what if someone sees me? Am I doing something wrong other than being with the love of my life. And damn!, this is a public place, Rita” he said, pulling her to come with him.

They got into the restaurant and ordered. As usual Rita didn’t want to eat anything. He ordered snacks for her regardless.

“Are you okay?” He asked seeing that she was still uncomfortable about being seen with him.

Rita shifted on her seat. “Can we just go to your house?” She asked, and immediately it came out of her mouth, she knew she had made a mistake. She was nibbling on the meat pie he had ordered and she had tiny crumbs of the snack on her lips. He reached out to brush it off and she held his hands. “You would not do that, Onyi!” She whispered fiercely, “Don’t touch me like that. You’re a priest!”

He yanked her hand off his own and still went ahead to brush off the crumbs regardless. He adjusted his glasses. She had been attracted to the way he did that too. He wasn’t saying anything. And she thought maybe it was because she had reminded him that he was a priest, a painful reminder that he couldn’t display affection or intimacy for a woman.

“Let’s go to my house,” he said at last. She nodded her head and wondered if it was a good idea in the first place. She was afraid. Afraid of her emotions around this man. Afraid of losing control. Afraid of… loving him. Well, she could be anywhere but here, she thought, where he made her feel chills that were visible to everyone who looked at her. She didn’t want that. So she stood up…

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