The Prank

by Vivian Dindu Esimoleze

The call came in. Around 12:15 AM. It was a private number. I picked up. A male voice came on. I didn’t recognize the voice.

“Hello, look at the mirror”.

A wave of fear rushed through me. I backed into the wall.

“Who are you?” I stuttered in fear.

“Just look at the mirror,” he ordered.

The mirror wasn’t far from me. But I wouldn’t look at it. I was afraid of what I might see, maybe a monster or a ghost.

I rushed out of my room, ran down the stairs. But I tripped and fell. Then I had a voice while I was on the ground, like one whispering. It was coming from one of the rooms.

“Hello, are you still there?” The caller asked.

I ignored his question, made towards the room, slowly and gently opened the door.

Then I saw him. He was standing beside the window. He was with a phone, held to his ear. I walked up to him with the little courage I had, turned him around. It was my brother. He was the caller.

“What did you do that for?” I asked with anger written all over me.

He started laughing. “So you fear like this?”

I didn’t talk. I just walked up to my room. He didn’t understand what he has gotten himself into. Because this night, mine will be creepier.

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