The Legend of the Stiletto Ladies (3)

by Ngozi Janet Akalonu

The bar room was large and spacious and was aptly named the Red Room for a reason. Painted all through in red colour and illuminated with bright red disco lights, this room was awash with blood red dazzle and a hypnotic pull that made the boys soon got lost in its ethereal nature.

But that wasn’t the main attraction. This bar, which incidentally was the first place you would walk into on entering the mansion, had the most shocking gathering of beautiful women the boys had ever seen in their young lives. It had everything from exotic dancers to strippers. The bartenders were a delight to their senses too, and on a far corner of the red room was sex lounge. 

As crowded as the place was, the boys noticed they were the only males in the entire room, and Dare couldn’t help wondering who exactly these girls were dancing for and who the drinks in the tray belonged to.

The two ladies ushered them to a VIP section and urged them to make themselves comfortable before walking off. For the next five minutes, the three boys feasted their eyes on an astounding array of well-rounded, hot and alluring young women walking to and fro with perpetual smiles pasted on their angelic faces.

The music wafting from the unseen speakers around the club was soothing and melancholic, and the boys could feel their frayed nerves relaxing with each minute that passed.

“Wow! I never knew so many fine women existed in this earth,” Elvis piped excitedly.

“Are you sure we are even on earth? Or there is heaven hidden behind these walls?” Tunde replied. All three of them chuckled.

“Monica would be going crazy looking for you now,” Tunde continued, grinning at Dare. Dare kissed his teeth. His girlfriend was the least of worries. Who spoke about a girlfriend when you were in paradise overran by the world’s prettiest women?

In a short while, two damsels brought two bottles of expensive looking champagnes and set them on the table before the boys.

“How much do these cost?” Dare asked.

“Do not worry. These ones are on the house” the ladies replied, grinning amicably and as they made to leave, Tunde asked them.

‘How come we don’t see men around? With a place as alluring and sensational as this, I expected men to be rolling in the hay and making fools of themselves in here.”

A shadow of a smile passed the face of one of the women and the other maintained her plastic smile. In all, they were expressionless.

“Well, most of the men are upstairs with their mistresses and some stepped out for fresh air.”

Dare was not doubting their words but he was pretty sure he saw no “men” outside when they walked in. The place was as empty as graveyard and the only semblance of life you met was when you walked into the brothel. Also, he and his boys had been to enough clubs and whorehouses to know that men always lingered in the lobbies and club rooms – always. But all the same, he shrugged. Fewer men meant more women for them.

As the girls walked off, the boys couldn’t help admiring their huge backsides held together in tight leather skirts, the type that messed with your senses.

The friends attacked the drinks and began enjoying themselves. The champagne was different, tasted different. Its alcohol contents seemed over the top. Soon, a total number of six ladies came and sat with them and began administering them, soothing, touching and kissing them. Jokes moved around easily in the small group, and as the atmosphere got more charged, the tempo of the music increased as with its intensity.

In about an hour, the boys were getting drunk. Maybe if they weren’t pumped up with so much alcohol and the show of affection by the hot women by their sides, they would have noticed that virtually every woman in the red room was staring at them intently. Most importantly, they would have noticed a very brilliantly clad lady walk in silently into the hall, her beauty, grace and height out of this world. She had the most beautiful face of them all, a face sculpted to perfection with features that accentuated a painful comeliness. Her skin was caramel coloured, but they helped highlight the sea blue colour of her charming eyes.

Her dress overflowed and was designed with so much conflicting colours that still managed to accentuate her sexuality. She was the tallest and most elegant woman in the room. Her fragrance was powerful and strong, and in a matter of seconds, it took over the room. Her hair was a wonder of nature: black, glossy and long. It overflowed all the way down to her petite, nubile waist, and strands of it fell over her magnetic eyes. She had full sensual lips and even without Lipstick, they looked excruciatingly inviting.

She walked over to a table, sat down, and began watching the three boys intently, together with every other woman in that room. Before long, the three boys were fast losing consciousness; numbed with so much pleasure and alcohol, it was a matter of time before they passed out.

It was in the last minutes of consciousness that Tunde noticed it: the music had stopped and all the women had ceased movements and everyone was now staring at them. The smiles were gone and replaced by expressions of coldness and unyielding distaste.

“What the hell is………?” Tunde began, trying to sit up but two of the ladies walked up to him quickly, and once again flashed their captivating smiles.

“What is the problem sir?” one asked, and one of the women seated by his side stuck her tongue into his ears. A wave of pleasure shot through him. He struggled to keep his head above water.

“Why did you stop the mussiiiicc?” He said. His speech slurred and his voice faint, his brain and senses doing cartwheels. A quick glance at his friends revealed they had been knocked out cold.

Something was wrong.

Then he noticed a tall woman got up and walked towards him slowly. Tunde was too wasted, but he still saw she was the most beautiful thing in the entire galaxy.

“I overheard you asking why there are no men here,” she said softly as she stood in front of the confused young boy, all six feet and five inches of her. Tunde could only stare. “It is simple. We eat them.”


“And yes, every legend you heard about this place is true, but I like you.” she added, staring at him appreciatively. “What was in those drinks was a mixture of morphine and a chemical from hell itself. Nobody had managed to withstand its effect this long. Nobody but you.”

Then she turned to the girls.

“Take him to my suite. He is mine tonight”

Whose suite? Who is whose tonight? Tunde was about to protest – albeit weakly – but it was too late; the drink had hit him real hard now and before the words could come out of his mouth, he passed out…

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  1. Ngozi,
    I wish seeing you in person…
    This is a good work…
    Keep it hope Sis…

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