The Caged

by Jennifer Nwanede

Pain, excruciating pain was all I felt as he hit me again and again. I tried to stop him but gradually, my strength began to fail me.

“Bitch,” he muttered and hit me hard on the head, I blacked out.

Marrying me off to Tunde to settle his debt was the greatest evil my dad ever did me. It was bad enough that the money in question was squandered on buzz and women, yet I had to be the sacrificial lamb.

Three pregnancies lost as a result of Tunde’s constant battering and an ugly scar running all the way from my forehead down my left chin left me with the final resolve that enough was enough.

That fateful day, he had hit me over a little argument and I had dashed into the room screaming blue murder. He came after me, a bad decision. He approached me again, roaring like a wounded lion, but this time I was ready. I was so swift, he didn’t see it coming and in the twinkling of an eye, he was sprawled on the floor, covered in his pool of blood.

“Bastard,” I muttered, driving a second bullet into his already dead brain. I had shot him and he had died by his own gun. 

I climbed over his stiff frame and made my way to the bathroom to have myself a good bath. I felt the water caress me as it eased my pain. I donned on one of my finest attires, took the best wine from his bar and poured myself a glassful. I let out a hearty laugh as the sweetness of the wine soothed my patched throat, a luxury I had been denied for too long. 

“I just killed a monster,” I told the police. I knew they would come for me eventually, so I decided to beat them to the punch.

As the police whisked me away, I caught a glimpse of my father looking downcast as if he felt an iota of remorse. The bastard! You’ll be next! I didn’t say the words out loud but my inner being screamed it and I could tell he understood from the stare I gave him. 

“I hereby sentence you to twenty five years imprisonment with hard labour for the murder of Mr. Tunde Grey,” the judge pronounced my judgment.

I smiled, not what they expected. I felt no remorse, I felt no pain, I felt nothing. My spirit was empty but at least I was free, free from the grip of a monster.

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