The Man in the Yellow Raincoat

by Ngozi Janet Akalonu

One day, the woman went out to run some errands and she took her daughter with her. When they came back, they stood in the lobby of the apartment building and pressed the button for the elevator. When it arrived and the doors opened, she saw that there was a man already in the elevator. He was wearing a yellow raincoat and he also had a yellow hat on his head.

The Crazy Anne

by Annie Akinnagbe

If you are still awake, it’s 3am here and I am awake too, as usual. This has been my routine for the past five years. At exactly 3am, she wakes me up. It’s cold in here; the AC is on, the fan too. But I am sweating and this duvet is soaked with my sweat. Tope did quite a number on me tonight. F**k her! My message was very clear but she chose not to listen. Wonder why I have to lose sleep over this, especially as it’s over five years already.

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