The Priesthood Affair (1-3)

by Tiana Akachi Ifenkwe

He had come to pick her just a few miles away from her house. She got into his car and greeted. He replied with a smile, that smile that always melted her. The smile she’d been drawn to in the first place. Oh God, she muttered. This wasn’t going to be an easy feat. What was she even thinking when she accepted the date?

The Thong Affair (1)

by Adaobi Ezirim

“Babe, please check my work bag for my keys and give it to Hector.” Bode said in a loud voice. He was in the bathroom and needed to shout for his wife to hear him. Pam, his gorgeous 30-year old brunette flipped her locks swiftly as she bent low to pick up the bag that was by the sofa. She slipped her hands into the side pocket and heard the jiggling sound of the keys, she pulled it out and a black piece of cloth followed. She lifted up the piece and was stunned

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