TeeScapades: My Incredible Tale of ‘Amudo’

by Tayo Fasuan

Amudo, in Yoruba language, is any form of juju that makes you own one or more lady, and make her become your sexual slave. It can be an amulet, a concoction, some incantation or any other form of juju that you can think of. Literarily, it means ‘catch-and-sleep-with’ or as they usually call it, ‘touch-and-follow.

TeeScapades: The Things About Holiday Coaching (2)

by Tayo Fasuan

As I suddenly appeared behind the girl, having allowed them to move into the street properly, they expectedly started running, screaming wildly. I tried holding the one nearest to me, who had incidentally tripped when she wanted to take flight, and it turned out to be my crush.

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