Ìyàwó Tuntun (The New Bride)

by Mayowa Oluwashanu

Without warning, she pulled her hands free from my grip and pushed me so hard that I landed on my backside. I saw Eri stood up, and neglecting my pain and hurt, I struggled to my feet and rushed to his side. He’d only cause more trouble for me.


by Vivian Dindu Esimoleze

I remember vividly the vigorous moans mother made each night she washes my small penis while bathing me. I was five then, very aware of the situation. I didn’t know the meaning of that action and I didn’t ask her.

The Crazy Anne

by Annie Akinnagbe

If you are still awake, it’s 3am here and I am awake too, as usual. This has been my routine for the past five years. At exactly 3am, she wakes me up. It’s cold in here; the AC is on, the fan too. But I am sweating and this duvet is soaked with my sweat. Tope did quite a number on me tonight. F**k her! My message was very clear but she chose not to listen. Wonder why I have to lose sleep over this, especially as it’s over five years already.

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