In Your Name

by Dexter F. I. Joseph Merije walked into the house scuffling, desperately searching for the couch to fall into. The softness of the seat further made his back ache and his muscles tensed. He was…

Rogue Piece

Prologue Dr. Chime Akure, the lead scientist for the cloning program on Eon. May 12th, 2051 The Q9 changes everything we know about eugenics and human biology. Everything. With this DNA altering agent, there is…

60 Sides of Pain

by Dexter Joseph

“My name is Jonathan N’ike, or better yet, Jonathan Ndubuisi,”he spoke through gritted teeth, eyes on Maazi Ibe. Once he sensed the confusion from those before him, his gaze and finger turned to Ikemefula. “I’m his son.”

City of Bones

by Dexter Joseph

We all walked noiselessly along the long dark hallway, only for a second, until Michael stepped on something which made a crushing sound. It was a bone. Everything was made of bone: the walls, the markings on them, and the broken statues standing around the entire building. We had walked through the building for more than an hour, fearful, tired, but alert, our eyes heavy but sleep keeping a distance away from all fifteen of us. We had come to this new world excitedly, but right now, no sense of ebullience or thrill filled my nostrils or those of my colleagues. Just sweat, dirt, fear and more fear.

Nighter Scrolls (Agha Arụsị)

by Dexter Joseph

[1] On Afọ, the day men counted third in all the four market days, there really were no much men left to be seen.
[2] On Afọ, nothing was as it seemed: the clouds ruptured in flashes of lightning and a rainstorm moaned eminently. The skies hated the living with darkness, and barked yells of thunder and lightning down the earth.


by Dexter Joseph

To consciousness a boy awoke, a groan muttered off his lips. He rose wearily to his feet, muscles laced with nothing more than excruciating pain. He stared around, and in the largeness of the landmass on which he stood were burnt houses, dead cattle, and animals, large and small alike. All around him also, regardless of where his eyes moved and fell on, lay dead bodies of men, women and children. Nothing lived

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