Rogue Piece


Dr. Chime Akure, the lead scientist for the cloning program on Eon.

May 12th, 2051

The Q9 changes everything we know about eugenics and human biology. Everything. With this DNA altering agent, there is nothing man cannot do. If we can think it, then we can tweak it. We can cure diseases, create geniuses, perfect soldiers, even advance technology far more than we already have.

However, given its limited quantity, I hope to rectify my mistake with it and subject C2000 from the ‘Mother’ project, before NOAH finds out about any of this.

May 14th, 2051

A means to extract the Q9 has been completed and would proceed by tomorrow at exactly 07:00. I have to say, I am beyond disappointed. Given the time, tweaks and effort put into this clone, I had expected so much from it. But in the end, it is a clone, a means to an end for the original.

May, 25th, 2051

Time: 06:00

My current state of mind requires that I expand the time at which I sleep as it has shown to affect my productivity on this research. Two months behind schedule is a disappointment on my part. Worthy to note, nonetheless, subject C2001 shows slight improvements over its antecedent. Maybe all odds aren’t lost after all.

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