Radiantly You


by Mofoyeke Omole (Sisi Foye)

The entirety of this book has a common undertone- “mindset and self-discipline” and I will leverage on that.

Radiancy – Happiness is possible. It is a choice you have to make, an awareness you have to get into. No matter where you are at in your life, you can still be happy, you can still be emotionally and physically healthy. We all in our lifetime will live diverse stories and that is how God works often. What starts out as a scene with limitless possibilities and little future can be just one out of the several chapters of our lives and this is why God is central to this chapter and to your new story. Rather than meander aimlessly through side dramas, subplots and back stories of your life, plug in to God because no matter how much you run, you will get to that stage where you realize that you are being patiently nudged back towards His ultimate master plan for your life.

Finally, in your journey through life, you need to understand that there is a God bigger than you! Do what you know to do and once that is done, we allow God to do the rest. I hope this book will bless you. After reading, kindly send in your review to mofoyekeomole@gmail.com


Look inside the book to read the book preview.

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