Leaving to Live


by Olubunmi Ajai Layode

My husband, Babatunde Layode, and my son Tobi are rolling on the floor engaged in a mock fight. As I look on, a small smile parts my lips. Tunde—as I call my husband—is a big child at heart, and I just know that when we have our own baby, that child will be the luckiest in the world.

After a while, Tunde tells Tobi to be serious; he wants to teach him defence techniques. He asks if he‘s noticed that when boxers are in the ring, each boxer puts his hands up to the sides of his face. Tobi says that he‘s noticed. Tunde asks if he knows why they do so, and Tobi says he does not. Again, my husband asks if he‘s seen how each boxer tries to punch the other boxer around the side of the head. Tobi responds in the affirmative. When Tunde asks if he knows why they do that, Tobi says that he does not. Tunde begins to explain why boxers do this to each other. In explaining to Tobi, he had inadvertently brought about a moment of epiphany to me.

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