Dotes and Antidotes (1)


by Tayo Fasuan

Dotes and Antidotes (1): Factors involved in building a relationship is a revised edition with fictional illustrations of the original book released in 2018.

Relationships are becoming hyper-dynamic in recent days, and as much as people would like to claim they know about relationships, the ever-changing identities of these relationships are making most people unable to catch up. Besides, most are still reluctantly holding on to the old ways of looking at romance, and some are already too much into the future of it. This book provides a balanced view, a more comprehensive overview that most times are often overlooked.

So, what’s new in this new edition? More factors and information that can make relationships stronger are added to this version, and more importantly, better scenarios to back up the factors by narrating fictionalised real tales are also provided at the beginning of each chapter. Most of these stories are true, but in order to protect the identities of the characters, they are written as pure fictionalised scenarios to drive the points home better.

Look inside the book to read the book preview.

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