Pregnant Silence

by Benn Ahwayevu

Mr. Ike was filled with joy when he discovered his girlfriend, Shola had gotten pregnant. Now he was sure willing to accept the pregnancy, and marry her.

In few months, he had done all the necessary, and had taken her in as a wife, to live with him in his one room apartment. He couldn’t stop showering her with love and care, and he had to put in more efforts and time into his dry cleaning job so he could get more money, to buy food stuff, and provisions for the coming baby.

For him, this was going to be an achievement, and he wouldn’t feel any less fulfilled being called daddy.

On the other hand, Shola herself could tell that the baby was not for Mr. Ike.  


A year ago Shola visited Mr. Ike, and since he was not home, she decided to wait outside till he would be back as she couldn’t reach him on the phone. That was when Emeka, who lived next door to Mr. Ike, noticed her where she had been waiting hours for her boyfriend, who was yet to come.

So, he walked up to her, and decided to keep her company, till her host arrived. Shola could not resist the charming Emeka who was very humourous, and she found out he could really make a sad face brighten up, in few seconds with few words. This charm worked on Shola who became attracted to Emeka.

After that day, Shola and Emeka became close, but Mr. Ike was unaware. One night while Mr. Ike was away, and Shola had become bored, sitting outside all alone, she decided to check on Emeka, and probably wait for Mr. Ike in his Emeka’s apartment.

Emeka, in his normal way; made her laugh and happy, with his funny, comedic attitude, that Shola became very relaxed and comfortable in his room, so much that she spent the night there, since Mr. Ike was not coming home that night.

Later that night, Shola felt a touch on her body, soft and caressing. Emeka, who had insisted to let Shola sleep on the bed while he sleeps on the ground, was already trying to have his way with her.
Stop it, she said, although she was already horny and wanting the touch. But she couldn’t give in so easily.

Emeka kept trying to touch her in sensitive places, and she couldn’t shout or scream as it may wake the neighbours, and it would become a disaster for her if Mr. Ike found out she had considered spending the night with his male neighbour. The more Emeka persisted, the more her defences fell apart, and the more she was in the mood for more. As she could no longer hold herself, she let Emeka had her that night.

Even though Shola enjoyed the whole thing, she still felt disgusted about herself, and regretted the entire episode almost immediately after. As Emeka snored gently beside her, she kept asking herself in shame “How could I be so cheap to have allowed Emeka have his way with me? What will happen if Mr. Ike finds out?” But none of these questions could unwind what had just been done.

The next morning, she quickly left Emeka’s apartment to Mr. Ike’s, whom she told she had left her house very early, so she could meet him up. She even added that her phone was stolen, hence why she wasn’t able to reach him.

That night with Emeka was already a nightmare she enjoyed, but which she also could not tell Mr. Ike. He would hate her for life and would definitely break up with her. So she kept it all to herself.


She knew the baby was not Mr. Ike’s, but she couldn’t tell him. He would be broken if she told him, and his joy and excitement of becoming a father would turn to dust. Now she was his wife, living with him in the same compound where Emeka lived, the same Emeka who had somehow knew the baby was his own. The same Emeka, who had secretly told her he was scared to accept responsibility for the child. And the same one who told her he didn’t want to be hooked up to a lady he didn’t even have feelings for.

Emeka had decided to let Mr. Ike take care of his child, while waiting for the day he would decide to let the cat out. And every time Mr. Ike would kiss his pregnant wife’s Tommy before leaving the house to work, Emeka would always stare from his own apartment with mocking smiles.

But Shola carried the guilt with the baby, waiting to be crucified one day, while also hoping that the impending rain wouldn’t drench her and sweep her away eventually.

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