Pashal (1)

by Ngozi Janet Akalonu

Many centuries ago, when the earth was closest to the heavens and the celestials only had to stretch their hands to caress the tree tops, humans lived in groups scattered across the world and still roamed in their most flaming glory. For it were just a few hundreds of decades ago that their ancestor, Adam was thrown out of the paradise garden; so they hadn’t yet being stripped of their pristine beauty and glorious countenance.

Humans were the pride of the Almighty, and each day, he boasted about them to his celestial sons, for they were his most prized creation – epitomes of beauty and intelligence, with a touch of will power (something, the heavens lacked). They made even the most luminous angels smile with awe.

Now it came to pass that the Sons of God began to admire the daughters of men. It was more than just mere admiration; the daughters of men stirred something very passionate in the hearts of these angels, so much so that they desired to dwell amongst them. In time, the angels wanted nothing more than to have carnal knowledge of these women, thoughts that became a consuming force so strong that the Sons of God left their abodes in the heavens and descended to earth to take these women as wives and concubines.

Such unnatural unions produced a new race, a hybrid: children borne with exceptional difference from the humans around them. They are collectively known as the Nephilims. These offspring, which could grow as tall as 8ft, were incredibly beautiful, extremely intelligent, powerfully built and unnaturally strong. Their exceptional strengths got into their heads and they began an age of terror, condemning the children of men to a life of fear and bondage. They plundered, squandered, looted and raped at will, and there was no one who could stop them. They waged wars with mighty clans and trampled men under their feet, and soon, it was evident they planned to rule the world.

The Almighty was hurt and broken. He watched with sadness as His creations wrecked havoc on a world He so adored. He was disappointed in those Sons of His who lusted after daughters of men, for the products of their unions were now tearing the earth apart. He watched in silent gloom as the years and decades ran by, and the world was plunged deeper and deeper into the throes of darkness, sin and destruction.

Two hundred years later, one of the Nephilims, Ashktar, grew up to be different, and in his quiet moments, he wished the world was saner. He wished his fathers and fore-fathers weren’t so evil. He overheard the old man Noah talking about a looming deluge that would wipe out all of mankind, and even though the old man had been known to be a bit unstable, Ashktar never doubted his words. Ashktar loved God, but he felt God had forsaken him; for even in his time, there were only about 20 of his kind left, and their existence was riddled with the pungent smell of their infamous past, the past their fathers reigned supreme.

A time came when the Old Man Noah began building a very large boat. He claimed only those that wanted to be saved from the divine deluge would come with him into the boat. Ashktar watched as people made fun of the old man and his family, but he never doubted the old man’s words and many days later, when The Boat was completed, just when no one was watching, Ashktar, abandoning his family – his arrogant, hateful family – slipped in unnoticed and settled in the darkest recesses of the boat.

From there he would go on to watch the world drown in a torrent of furious rain pellets through a slit sized window, and there, he would make up his mind to live a new life. And when the boat finally settled on dry land, Ashktar slipped out again and began his long lonely journey to the ends of the earth where he would live in solitude till the earth gradually became populated. He picked a wife and began a new family. His blood was still of celestial origin, so his offspring were always remarkably different.

For centuries, they thrived…till present day South Africa.

Pashal, a descendant of Ashktar and a descendant of the first Nephilims that roamed the earth, lived in Johannesburg, South Africa. He schooled in Ryebridge College, but lived a life of immense popularity, due to his very noticeable, physical attributes. He was very tall (almost 8ft) and strong, with the strength of 50 men, remarkably handsome, very intelligent and unearthly agile. Pashal also had an unusual immunity to almost every illness and this accounted for his astounding healing factor.

Pashal unusual biological traits had made him quite renowned and this had unfortunately attracted the attention of South Africa’s leading Scientist Dr. Stein Richmond, a man renowned for his breakthrough discoveries in molecular science and its direct implication on the overall health and well being of the human DNA. But Richmond had other plans. With Pashal’s blood, he could create an army of war machines that would be virtually invulnerable to assaults and this milestone could put him in par with world figures like Newton and Einstein.

He wanted Pashal, he wanted him bad. But Richmond was just a little part of the problem, the Almighty knows one of his Sons still roamed the earth and so does the Ultimate Deceiver. Pashal may soon be torn in an eternal struggle between the super-natural realms and the physical world, and any tilt in the balance could bring about a chaos so monumental that the human race would be, once again, on the verge of extinction, and the war of the heavens and hell would rage one last final time. One last time that would put an end to everything as we know it.

This is the story of Pashal, the Nephilim.

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