Introduction to Cascade

Fiction Writ magazine has recently launched a program which aims at discovering young fiction writers, helping them nurture their writing abilities and even get them published. This program is called Cascade.

Cascade is a form of catch-them-young competition designed for secondary school students who have flairs for writing on how to write fiction stories. Prospective students are to be trained in the following areas for the subsequent competition: (a) Building of Plots and Scenarios (b) Tenses and Grammars (c) Clarity of Expression (d) Messages and Lessons. The eventual winners are given cash prizes and writing contracts for publications. The competition is intended to be run in conjunction with the schools in each state within the country.

This is to officially invite your school to participate in the competition. The format and conditions of the competition are stated below:

  1. School would select a minimum of one and maximum of two of their best student writers, through an internally organised selection after training in the four areas listed above, and register their names after seeking informed consents from the parents.
  2. After this, the school would fill and submit the registration form provided or downloaded from the website of the magazine to the magazine’s editorial board with a fee of N1,000 per student.
  3. After the competition dates have been set, interactive sessions would be organised to sensitise the students before live writing sessions are conducted where students write their stories.
  4. The best ten student writers would be selected after grading and their stories would be published and sold within their individual states with the assistance of their respective schools.
  5. The best three student writers would also be given cash prizes and presented with a chance of competing with other overall best three student writers from other states.
  6. Overall best three student writers across all the states where the competition held would also be given publishing contracts to write a novel with collections of short stories.
  7. The schools where all the best students emerged from are under obligations to purchase at least 50 copies of the published novels and assist in the sales of the books.

 We look forward to a quick, positive response from you. For further inquiry, call the number and/or send us email as provided below. Kindly find attached the registration form or kindly go to www/ to fill the online form. Thank you.


Tayo Fasuan,

Publisher & Editor