Intro To Creative Writing

by Adaobi Ezirim

Hey guys! I am Ada, and I will be your creative writing plug for now on FictionWrit Magazine

I’m totally excited about this and I hope you are too because we are going to be interacting and learning from each other about different ways to write effortlessly. At the end of this class, you should have a grip on the following:

  • Fundamentals of English Grammar: This is basic for anyone who wants to write. You must know when to dot the “eyes” and cross the “tees” as these are the first thing readers spot.
  • The Argument: Woah guys! This is a whole level of “complex” but I’ll try to break it down in very simple terms. It is important to know this as it gives a background to every article (especially non-fictional).
  • Writing plans and Execution: Introduction, body, conclusion.
  • Types of writing: Expository, narrative, descriptive.
  • Writing steps: Brainstorming, Outline, Draft, Edit

There will be videos to watch, interactive sessions and LOTS of writing. 

My hope is to see you soar above your imaginations by the end of the class. 

See you soon.