Greetings from the other side

by Vivian Dindu Esimoleze

Every day I go to work, I see him. I greet him too. I don’t know why, but I don’t stop. He always stays at a corner by the side of the road, doesn’t change position. Each time I greet, he doesn’t respond but only reply with nods.

But today, he does reply. He responds with a smile. We chat a little bit before he tell me he will visit.

“Visit?” I ask him.

“Yes, I know where you live,” he responds.

“You do? How? I never told you anything about my place.” I say with a little bit of fear.

He laughs and said, “I was only pulling your legs. Anyways, have a nice day.”

I leave him and continue to my destination. I reach home to see a letter on my bed. I am not really afraid or concerned. The letter may be from my friend who shares the same apartment with me. But on a second thought, no name is written on the envelope. So I decide to open it.

As I am reading it, my heart races and my hands start shaking. The weather was hot but the room becomes chilly immediately. I look around with a wave of fear.

“How did this letter get here?” I ask myself. I read it again. The writing is very bold and clear:

“I told you I would visit. And I did. You might be surprised I responded to your greeting today. To be honest, you are a nice person, and your greetings everyday makes me happy. But just a little advice: you don’t greet anyone you meet. Some, like me, are ghosts.”

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