For Us

by Tolulope Obasuyi

Dara looked at herself in the mirror again and decided to add more lipstick after dabbing more powder on her pretty face. 

“Why are you trying so much for someone who manipulates you like that? “ Cara asked. “He cheats on you and lies with every breath.”  

At first glance, looking at Dara and Cara, no one would suspect them as twins as Dara was lighter with an exotic look, full lips, and thick eyebrows which perfectly accentuates her face, while Cara had darker skin with a plain face. At the moment, her pretty look was all Cara envied, her relationship with Bode was just out of it.

“Maybe you shouldn’t forgive him easily this time. He is really taking you for granted.” Cara persisted

“That is all you have been saying since morning. How can you not know a successful relationship thrives on forgiveness?” Dara asked “Biko, leave me alone. After all, Bode isn’t like Tommy; he is more open.”

That broke Cara. Bringing Tommy up was like poking an open wound with a needle. She stood up and went to the bathroom, silently staring at her face in the mirror. After some minutes, Cara heard the sound of footsteps and the door closing. So she went back into the room, hugged her pillow and thought of the first man she had loved.

Everyone falls in love at first sight, but Cara fell at the sound of a voice which had a soothing and calming tone she would like to hear every day. To see that the one who carried the voice was also a handsome person was almost like a dream to her. When he approached her that same day, heavens answered her wishes, and she had felt like she was in Nirvana. Before long, a relationship had started, and when Dara heard about it, she had been elated for her. 

But then, the happiness was short lived.

Tommy called regularly, if calling once in a month can be termed as regular. He claimed he was always busy with work, but every time he comes online, he still would not chat her up. One time, he told Cara he was like that because of his previous relationship and so Cara had to be patient with him. Cara would go through his online page to make more sense of him, but all had been in vain. She was not able to get through to him, and he too had by choice, decided not to know her as a person. Regardless of how much she complained, Tommy didn’t change. 

Before long, the free-spirited Cara had started to look gloomy. During all this, Dara had tried to comfort her and had continuously urged her by saying “Do you not know the saying that two are better than one because if one falls, the other would raise him up? What are you now going to do when your one is better than two and the one who is supposed to raise you is the one bringing you down?”

All had fallen on deaf ears until the day Cara visited him at his home unexpectedly, only to walk into a party and saw him proposing to another woman. That was the end of it. She simply walked away Since then, Cara had been less trusting and less loving to the other gender. 

She sighed deeply and closed her eyes to wish away the misery. She heard Dara come in, who stood at the entrance with cloudy eyes, then slowly walked up to Cara and hugged her. Between them, there was no need for words. 

After some time, Dara broke the silence. “I’m sorry I brought Tommy up.”

“My lingering feelings for him are not your fault.”

“Do you think maybe love is not for us?”

“Baby, I know it is for us. We only need to find it in the right person.” Cara answered.

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