Droplets is a concept created by Fiction Writ to allow fiction writers to commercialise their fictional stories, especially long fictions, in a common, but also unique way, and for fiction readers to have access to quality fictional stories at an affordable rate.

Interested fiction writers are to release their written stories, chapters-by-chapters, bits-by-bits, for interested readers to read them, for a small fee, as an alternative to buying the entire book. Payment only covers for one story at a time for readers, although access to multiple stories is also possible.

In this way, readers who couldn’t or don’t want to buy the entire story/book/novel would have access to a read-only format on the magazine website, and writers would be able to make money from their works without waiting till their books are bought. Writers are however advised to make their introductory chapter (or as many chapters as they want) or the synopsis of the stories free to attract readers

It’s as simple as that.

Interested fiction writers should fill the form below to get in touch.

For further inquiry and information before or after filling the form, kindly contact us.

Introductory chapter(s)/synopsis will be published free of charge,
Images must be separately sent to [email protected] If there are none, we are obligated to provide images.
Other chapters could be sent later.
Fiction Writ reserves the right to negotiate the proposed fee if deemed unsuitable for the story.
Kindly use your full name as signature and put the date.