Daemoñ Of Kaamari City (1-3)

by Dexter F.I. Joseph

Chapter: 1

The weather stood windy around the field, and though the streetlights shone across the quiet and empty express road, with neither a thing before or behind the old jeep parked by the side, thirty feet from the tarred road and close to the motel they were yet to get into but had plans for. In that darkened silence of the night, amidst other parked but emptied cars, the old jeep held two lovers licking against each other’s flesh.

When lightning leased a rumble from the clouds, the young girl stole her face from the hungry boy on whose arms she was wrapped in and glanced out the window, now uncomfortable with the oscillation of the weather.

She, like the boy, was covered in the sweat of fervour, faintly masking her smooth and frail skin. With her makeup, all undone and her breath elevated, hands still unwilling to let go of the pleasure dosed into her by him, she sighed upon the recollection that they were alone outside by such time.

“What is it, babe?” The boy mumbled, pulling her closer, impatiently.

“Ayo, let’s go in and we can continue this inside, hmm?” Her voice was as sly as the babyish look which followed her seductive plea.

“What is wrong with here? Another round can come when we get inside. Don’t you have that feeling of some out of the blues adventure?” He had the same sly tone in his voice, then proceeded to kiss her.

“Please, darl. It wants to rain, and the cloud is too dark. I don’t like it out this time,” she said, though throwing little effort to break away from the trance of his words and his simmering lips against her neck.

He sighed and let her go. A glance out the window and he gave in to her idea. The weather had indeed gotten darker than when they’d arrived. Who knew, he thought, a little hot romance could have munched down that much time. This made him excited. The night with her was going to be intensely pleasurable.

He pushed the door open and hopped out the car as did she. As they made their way towards the motel doors, something, a faint glint in the dark of the building’s side caught his attention. Ignore it, he would have, but a movement in that dark, followed by a strained whimper, hooked his curiosity like rotten cocaine.

“Where are you going?” She called out as he walked towards the dark sides of the motel which held a small parking lot big enough for just two cars, then a thick bush behind and around most parts of it. He simply turned and asked her to go on without him, and after a fruitless attempt to call him back, she hurried in, to the counter and made payments in his name.

A wafting wind brushed past him, against his skin, and he swivelled around startled, mistaking it for a moment as something which was not there. When he sighed to the wrong alert, his glance made its way back to the darkness. He could feel it, something, or someone lurked somewhere in that cloud of blackness.

“Who is there?” He called out, reached for his phone and pointed its flashlight into the old, small parking expanse. The light picked the first car, a bike, then just by the old, dirty jeep next to the wall, was a person’s legs seated on the floor, the rest of the body harboured by an extended wall. Circled about the poorly hidden legs was a spreading stream of blood.

Someone was in trouble, he thought as he hurried towards the body. Standing before it with his light flashed against the said body, his eyes tore wide in terror as his body trembled by the scene before him. Someone was squatted next to the body, mouth covered in blood as he munched down on the organs pulled out of the body. The body rested against the wall was headless, clothes torn and chest ripped apart, leaving nothing but blood and horror to gaze.

The killer looked up at the flash of light against him. Only it wasn’t a he.

Its face was hollowed, eyes large and sunken, red as the colour of blood. The skin pallid and dry, clawed and large hands and the muscles around its scrawny frame were thick and ripped on all sides.

The man swung around to take flight, then screamed at the strong smell of the hot breath just before him. Another one. Six feet tall, gaunt but ripped and thick muscled on all sides, and its breath was deep and sodden with a lustful blitz of wild craving.

As his scream left his lips, its arm thrust forward. In a blink of an eye, his skull met a wall, his blood splattering across its smooth spread as his skull tore in two, sending parts of his brains across the darkness. It growled. With one arm and a pull, it tore through his neck, throwing his head across the lot, letting its jaws stretch, revealing its large, razor-sharp teeth as it attacked his organs with loud grips, cuts and munching. Devouring him.


The young woman paid the motel bills, stared at the building’s doors in wait for her man to walk in. When he wasn’t showing up, with frustration ruining what was left of her mascara, she headed for the door, displeasure fuming through her breath. Stopping just after four steps, she sighed, stunned. There he was, just outside. His skin looked dull and his eyes were a little bland and vapid. His steps were one-tracked, and nothing was in his hands. And he was naked.

“What is this? Why are you naked!” she barked at him, feeling ashamed, more so with the dead indifference in his eyes.

“What is this? Why are you naked…” he whimpered her exact words, struggling to hit the notes and intensity of each word as had been implored by her.

Just then, someone else walked in through the door, having an uncanny parity with him, as the lady observed. Younger, she was about five foot four, skin pallid and naked. Her mouth was red, roughened by a faint tint of blood by its side, and the same was said for the red stains in her hands. First, the motel’s manager by the counter recognised the young lady, yet had a stunned look in her eyes.

“Ayo…” She shuddered before the words left her lips, muffling as his arm moved in a blink of an eye, clawed hand clenched around her face. With one quick move, he attacked her cervix, letting her blood splatter on them both.

The manager screamed at the top of her voice, slamming into the waiting wall then covered with a spay of her red, shuddering her very last. The young girl, having been the one who’d slammed the manager into a wall, stood next to her dying prey, a part of her frame thicker, sharpened and draped in blackened flesh which looked beastly and gave a murderous rufescent glow to her eyes. And just as she watched her companion rip his victim in fleshy and bloodied halves, gnawing down at its flesh, emitting a faint reddish shimmer underneath his dense, darkened skin as the human flesh fed him, she turned to her meal, letting her jaws stretch wide as she went down for a feed.

“Charlie, don’t walk too far away, okay?” her mum said distractedly, eyes lost to the engagement before her, laughing and talking on with her friend.

The little girl kicked her ball a little too hard, watching in anxiousness as it bounced into a streetlight’s pole, spinning back towards the back of the house. She made a run for it, past everyone and towards the silent part of the building void of human life not her own.

There you are, she giggled, ran to where it lay and picked it up. It, however, was covered in thick, slimy fluid transparent as an animal’s froth. It had a strong smell which made her stomach twist in twinge. A strange sensation coursed through her inside. Something she could not spot, somewhere within the space which now stood out as lonely to her, was watching her. Her shoulder warmed up to a hot breath against her skin, the same moment she felt something flutter just behind her. She tried to move but could not stride a limb. Frozen right where she stood, numb to her very bones.

The scent got stronger.

Wet and rough, something crawled up her arms bigger the closer it got to her nape, taking the better shape of a limb. Now the breath, in its heat, was bolder.

It crawled out, listless, raven and frigid. Fogged in its pall, it made her turn to meet its big eyes. Tears rained down the little one’s eyes. She wanted to scream, she wanted to call out for help. To call for her mother or father, anyone close enough to her. Whatever held her little body, stole her voice too.

Then on its own, she turned to it and her hand reached onward, holding on the disfigured figure. For the first time, she moved into its widened embrace without control. Her eyes remained wide, her blood gushing off her, and her screams only raging within her, unable to move nor control a muscle in her body. Slowly, it broke her, bone after bone, chewing her alive.


“Charlie, where did you go off to?” her mum asked as the little girl walked out from the back of the building, walking like one slightly drunk and struggling to maintain a straight composure. Her face was dull, yet so smooth it almost looked unnaturally attractive, though her hair was seldom roughened. The woman walked up to her and squatted. Her daughter looked different, prettier, but acting strange. “Are you okay? What happened?”

“I… I am tired. Sleep– I want to sleep,” she sputtered, then yawned. Her teeth stood out, white as snow, and her tongue, faint red. Aside from a colourless but attractive, almost enchanting, look on her face, the woman saw nothing which stood out.

She stood and took her hand, walking towards her car. Rather than lie down, the little girl sat instead, eyes close, looking good as limp.

Maybe she was reacting to all the chocolates and cakes she had eaten since they came for the birthday party, the woman thought dismissively as she headed back to her colleagues.

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