When Heaven Cries

by Treasure Momoh‎

“Oluwa, how dem take dey live for this place?” I said amidst grumbling, my Ghana accent obvious. Today has made it three months and two weeks Maami left the house, and two months since I visited her…Today seemed different from the last time. For some reason everybody seemed so peaceful unlike the last time when this place was choked up like where we dey buy saaka for the nighttime.

Down The Memory Lane

by Dunu Iruoma

To the people of New Haven, it had been a news splash, featured on the cover page of the dailies, narrating the tragic demise of a teenage girl on her own birthday. To my family, it had been devastating, still is.

Diana’s Dilemma

by Adaobi Ezirim

“Doesn’t it feel weird? I mean, having to do that dirty thing with a man as terrible as Mr. Tom” Ngozi asked, stressing on ‘dirty thing’ to express the disgust she felt. Diana scoffed and looked away. It was better with Mr. Tom. At least she didn’t have to call him “Uncle” and bow every morning to him in obeisance after the deed as she always did with her Madam’s husband.

Served Cold

by Vivian Dindu Esimoleze

When I left, I plotted my revenge. I followed her daughter, made friends with her, showed her love, and made her trust me. Then I did it. I killed her. Not with knife, gun, or anything. I just planned her rape.

Dear Zara (1-6)

by Jennifer Nwanede

Chizaramekpere, which means God answered my prayer, as she was so named by her father, grew up to become a beautiful and intelligent young lady. In no distant time, she had become the topic of discussion in the midst of eligible bachelors in the village.

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