Addara (1-4)

by Dexter Joseph

She replays in her mind the last memories of her papa. Hiding just behind a large vas of plants with her maid holding her mouth from screaming, she had watched Tanko take on her papa, cut his arm off and put his sword through his throat, leaving him to die. He torched their mansion, letting everything burn to the ground. Her mother in fright of this ran into her own death, at the tip of a mere soldier’s drawn sword.

Nighter Scrolls (Agha Arụsị)

by Dexter Joseph

[1] On Afọ, the day men counted third in all the four market days, there really were no much men left to be seen.
[2] On Afọ, nothing was as it seemed: the clouds ruptured in flashes of lightning and a rainstorm moaned eminently. The skies hated the living with darkness, and barked yells of thunder and lightning down the earth.

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