On This Side Where It Is Cold

by Orhemba Mhembeuter Jeremiah

You inhaled deeply. Because you believe in the idea of a fated soul mate, you have scoured almost everything online about love. Each essay repeats the same thing, encourages you to get out if you truly want to find love. So here you are, like every other preceding evening, resolutely latching onto hopes that your soul mate will walk up to you—out of the blues.

Unborn, But Guilty

By Nancy Adaeze

“He’s dead”, the doctor said. “We tried all we could to help. We lost him, I’m sorry”.
If the doctor’s shoulders did not slouch immediately, like a sac, half-filled with sweet potatoes; if the doctor’s eyes did not avert immediately from the face of the bleeding woman; if the doctor’s grip on the newborn did not loosen continuously with every passing second; I’d have sworn it was some sort of a joke, one too painful to be funny, and too heavy to provoke hilarity.

My weird bible stories (1): God, Adam and John-Thomas

by Tayo Fasuan

God was still looking at it with the curiosity of a physician trying to make a diagnosis. It looked huge and bigger than when He created it, and He knew he had to provide and answer or else Adam won’t let him leave or have peace with the perturbed look on his face.

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