The HIV Test Palaver

by Nkasiobi ‘Cassy’ Okey

My heart started pounding. I would start sweating even when there was no sun. I told my work chopper wetin dey, he said that we were covered by the blood of the lamb. Obara Hezekiah! Na elu fornication ka obara na-ekpuchi gi? Ijiot.

When Heaven Cries

by Treasure Momoh‎

“Oluwa, how dem take dey live for this place?” I said amidst grumbling, my Ghana accent obvious. Today has made it three months and two weeks Maami left the house, and two months since I visited her…Today seemed different from the last time. For some reason everybody seemed so peaceful unlike the last time when this place was choked up like where we dey buy saaka for the nighttime.

A Night of Error

by Taiwo Gbéolúwaga Akóredé‎

The night was covered with darkness. No light anywhere apart from the light from my torch. Around the compound, I moved. My heart was beating fast. I had heard stories of children that were kidnapped through cries and sounds. My fear increased. I couldn’t go back. I was desperate to see where the sound came from.


by Mayowa Oluwashanu

When she waltzed into our lives, we knew she was going to waltz Uncle out. She tried to be a dutiful aunt, but we gave her no space. She was stealing our Uncle.

TeeScapades: The Girl With The Popping Eyeballs

by Tayo Fasuan

“Are you sure?” She paused before asking, all these while still not directly looking at me and with a thin smile on her lips. I said yes, already seeing this as perhaps the easiest toasting I had ever done, even though they weren’t many as at then. Her perceived shyness and that sweet smile were telling me I was closer to a historic moment.

This Sunday

by Damilola Faith

So this Sunday I just clapped my hands lazily and very reluctantly. Not like hands clapping were needed though; the instruments were enough, and all you had to do was dance, dance like David did, dance away your sorrows, dance to your miracles, dance to your blessings, dance to your breakthrough, dance out of sadness. Sadly for me that was impossible. I was totally wrecked, and I felt so empty and useless. Who was I to nurse dreams and wishes on prospects I was not even sure was mine?

TeeScapades: My Incredible Tale of ‘Amudo’

by Tayo Fasuan

Amudo, in Yoruba language, is any form of juju that makes you own one or more lady, and make her become your sexual slave. It can be an amulet, a concoction, some incantation or any other form of juju that you can think of. Literarily, it means ‘catch-and-sleep-with’ or as they usually call it, ‘touch-and-follow.

TeeScapades: A Roadside Toasting Gone Wrong

by Tayo Fasuan

Now, the problem with roadside toasting is that it always comes with drama if it doesn’t go right. And we usually promise not to do it again…until we do it again. My own experience was a shock because even up till now I still don’t know how I would have responded even if it had happened even now.

TeeScapades: The Things About Holiday Coaching (2)

by Tayo Fasuan

As I suddenly appeared behind the girl, having allowed them to move into the street properly, they expectedly started running, screaming wildly. I tried holding the one nearest to me, who had incidentally tripped when she wanted to take flight, and it turned out to be my crush.

TeeScapades: The Things About Holiday Coaching (1)

by Tayo Fasuan

As far as I could remember, the opposite sex have always held an attraction to me. In fact, I wonder if there has been a time when I wasn’t having an issue to do with them at all. Being raised with only brothers –four of them – and having gone to an all-boys school kinda did that to me, I guess. So, you can’t blame me; my environment made me.

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