War Survivors

by Omobolaji Ibadi’aran Omotade

At the height of the “First Gulf War” or “Holy Defence”, a young boy of twelve years who had been recruited to carry a bomb to be detonated at the Jahan square, ran away. The horror he felt he would see at the beautiful busy square, full of innocent people going about their day’s work to provide for their daily needs burnt to ashes, motivated his action.


by Favour Joshua Bill

Aboagye had served long enough to know there was defiance in those eyes. It could either be a good thing or not. Someday, if he had time to spare, he would like to train this lad. But tonight was not one of such days. He needed men who would cower to his orders. Men who never dare raise their eyes to their Commander. So turning his face away, he ended the staring match. Disqualified!

Alapini: The Dare-Devil Hunter

by Oluwaseun Abiodun Ogunleye

Alapini was also more personage, urbane, powerful and naturally distinguishing than his father. The vilalgers of Oniyangi often extolled the uncanny magical prowess, might and power inherent in Alapini to effortlessly making rains, healing various serious sicknesses and epidemics, hunting wild and dangerous animals and wrestling and defeating any man who would dare challenge him to a contest.

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