The Wanderings of Abeke

by Anne Bidemi Akinnagbe

On my sixteenth birthday, just as the friends started arriving, I left through the kitchen door and ran as fast as I could. The next hour found me at Jay’s hostel. Jay was a second year student of the University of Science and Technology in my town. We had been seeing each other for a few months.

Where’s Jessie?

by Chinecherem Maureen Anatuanya

I held back my tears. I didn’t want to imagine anything bad had happened. When Chike’s father came, I told him we couldn’t find Jessie. He called my parents and helped us search before they arrived. My mum had hardly stepped into the school before she started scolding me for not taking care of my brother.

Our Daughter, Ada

by Sima Essien

The man who had murdered Sima was now in the parlour, his voice, deep and steely, calling out her father. Ada ran inside her father’s bedroom, reached under the bed and found the box. Blood simmered beneath her eyes. Her heart pounded a frantic rhythm: fear, fear, fear.

The Thong Affair (1)

by Adaobi Ezirim

“Babe, please check my work bag for my keys and give it to Hector.” Bode said in a loud voice. He was in the bathroom and needed to shout for his wife to hear him. Pam, his gorgeous 30-year old brunette flipped her locks swiftly as she bent low to pick up the bag that was by the sofa. She slipped her hands into the side pocket and heard the jiggling sound of the keys, she pulled it out and a black piece of cloth followed. She lifted up the piece and was stunned

Uncle Nostalgia

by Maryjane Madubuike

Lost to the game or lost in their midst didn’t begin to describe my feeling as Madrid Beasts whipped my last string of hope in getting the season Champions League, at the same time destroying the mental picture of the shopping spree I have planned with my winning ticket.

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