Alapini: The Dare-Devil Hunter

by Oluwaseun Abiodun Ogunleye

Alapini was also more personage, urbane, powerful and naturally distinguishing than his father. The vilalgers of Oniyangi often extolled the uncanny magical prowess, might and power inherent in Alapini to effortlessly making rains, healing various serious sicknesses and epidemics, hunting wild and dangerous animals and wrestling and defeating any man who would dare challenge him to a contest.

The Exchange

by Favour Ogbue

She asked for the body of her dead child and when it was brought to her, she stared at it long and hard. She cuddled it as she would cuddle a newborn and nursed him. With a loud cry and hot tears streaming down her face to the baby’s, she said, “Ndum dili gi!” And she gave up the ghost.

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