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God and gods: Understanding Principalities and Powers

Chapter Two
God, gods and Creations

The biblical story of creation is one of the most antagonised ideas in the world presently, and perhaps even the most controversial. The idea of a Supreme Being has always been intrinsically linked with the story of creation. The topic has pitted the world of science and rational thinking against God and everything related to Him. However, the creation of the world by a Supreme God or gods is a recurring topic that has spawned many years, especially in the mythologies of races of men. From the Jewish’s Yahweh, to the Greek’s Zeus and Yoruba’s Olodumare, a large percentage of the human races believe to some level that humans were created.

This chapter, nay this book, will not delve into the debate of creation. I am a fully blooded scientist with perfect rational thinking, yet there is no iota of doubt in me about who created this world and everything therein. Not one. Science has always wanted to explain the supernatural with empirical evidence, and because of this, it has never been able to fully explain many key topics concerning how man came to be.

Therefore, I, the author of this book, wholly believe in the supernatural creation of the heavens and the earth by a Supreme God, The Supreme God. However, the next statement I would be making now is the basis of this book:

God did not create this world alone.

This short statement written above might look like or turn out to be one of the most controversial statements in recent times, but as we go along, I hope it won’t be. The statement is actually a revelation based on years of studying the Bible, witnessing supernatural occurrences, observing physical and spiritual trends, and earnestly seeking the face of the Supreme God to reveal His secrets to me and show me the truth.

Yes, God did not create the heavens and the earth alone. He was of course the Supreme Creator, but He had assistance and assistants. He delegated duties to these assistants because they were first created before other creations. Before the creation of the earth, the heavens were created. Not just heaven, but heavens, with the entire heavenly hosts, creatures and elders which the Bible and other books have vastly described. It should be pointed out here that this book will not go into details about these creatures which also include the angels. However, among these creations were the gods, supernatural beings created with close semblance to God as distinct from angels which are usually depicted as winged creatures, and more as messengers.

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