The Avalanche programme for writers has been in the pipeline for a long time, and it will finally be activated next year 2021. In the programme, dedicated FictionWrit writers would be grouped together in fives, where they will write short fictional stories together to produce novelettes which will be published, publicized and marketed. Equal percentages will be employed in distributing the monetary benefits. The form of publishing will be Splash-styled as contained on the magazine webpage.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This programme is only opened to dedicated writers on FictionWrit. By dedicated, we mean you must have been published at least three times by the magazine and have regular interaction with the magazine.
  2. The minimum targeted word count for each novelette is 20,000 words, proposed for five people to drop two 2,000-word to 4,000-word short stories. Grouping of writers and arrangement of stories would be done by the magazine with advises and recommendation from writers to be considered.
  3. Interested writers who want lesser than that number of writers in the group would have to indicate to be given special consideration. Writers with specific request for grouping will also be considered if reasons align well enough.
  4. The preferred genres of fiction for this programme are: horror, humour, romance (non-erotic), science fiction, suspense/thriller, crime, classical/epic and fantasy. Other interesting genres are also accepted as long as the stories are engaging enough to hold the audience.
  5. The magazine reserves the right to unquestionably reject any story that doesn’t meet with the desired criteria without fear or favour or bias, and/or to suggest changes and editing to any story to meet up to the requirements demanded.
  6. Writers would take active part in the publicity of the published novelette, so there will be bias towards those with active interaction with their dedicated readers on their social media pages.
  7. Four avalanche stories are to be released next year in the months of February, May, August and November, so submission of stories are to start immediately. While it is hoped that different writers would be engaged for each one, dedicated and serious writers can feature in all volumes.
  8. Sales will be monitored by all writers in the group to encourage openness and accountability, and the accumulated sales money would be divided into six places (one for each of the five writers and the magazine) and be given out when a particular threshold is reached.
  9. We strongly advice against plagiarism as offenders will be singled out and prosecuted.
  10. We also strongly advice against distribution of the stories submitted (after acceptance, prior to and after publishing), breach of trust in creating a similar/parallel programme and inciting/damaging actions against the magazine if pertinent issues arise.

Thank you.

If you are good with the conditions provided, interested fiction writers should fill the submit story form to continue.