by Ngozi Janet Akalonu

Jayce sauntered to his school locker to retrieve his study texts for the day, already feeling weary even if the school week had only just begun. Before opening the locker, he took a tired glance around the crowded locker room and saw a tall girl standing at the farthest end of his locker line, staring at him.

He looked away and continued fishing around the locker for his books. Another glance to his right revealed the girl had moved six lockers closer – still staring pointedly at him. Jayce took a brief time to look at her, confused. After a couple of seconds, he shrugged and went back to his books. A few minutes later, he was done and with a satisfied sigh and his left arm stuffed with study texts, he slammed his locker shut and nearly jumped up in panic when he came face to face with the eerie girl.

This time, she was just a few inches from him, a finger’s length wouldn’t fit in the space between them.

For a short while, Jayce stared at her confusedly.

She was taller than he was and had really pale skin – almost white even – and her eyes were sunken deep, with dark circles around them like she had been deprived of sleep for months. Her dry skin was taut and stretched thin over her face, giving her a malnourished, emaciated look. Jayce however noticed she had the most silky resplendent hair he had ever seen in his 16 years on earth.

“Errmmm…Can..Can I help you?” He began awkwardly.

“Hello Jayce. Good morning” She replied mechanically. “Would you like to have sex with me?”

“Wh….wh…what?” Now, Jayce was frankly taken aback.

“Don’t be shy. This is something I have thought about for decades and I think I would die if you do not grant my request.” She grinned, a spooky toothless grin.

“Well… Hold it right there!” Jayce began, more amused than terrified. “First of all, how did you know my name? Secondly, what the hell do you mean “decades”? I am sixteen; I have only a decade behind me. And finally……who the hell are you?”

“All of your questions will be answered in due time. I assure you. For now, let’s just go somewhere private and……”

“Hey. Hey…hey!!” Jayce interrupted angrily. “You know what? Nice to meet you, but I am running late for my first class today and I really have to go. Catch you later”

And without waiting for a reply from her, he ran off, as fast as his legs could carry him to his class. He didn’t care to look back. He didn’t need to. He could feel her eyes boring holes in his back.

Throughout the day though, he saw her everywhere. She stood by the window of his class and stared. She followed silently behind him as he made his way through the hallways. She was always watching him from the crowd and when his eyes met hers, she waved. Once she brushed against him in the mini parking lot, grinning that twisted way that sent goosebumps racing through his body.
His patience however ran out when the tall slender girl came to sit by him in the cafeteria as he was having his lunch.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!” He bawled at her, rising up and causing most heads to turn in his direction in surprise. She didn’t reply. She only smiled at him. To his consternation, everyone was ogling at him and not the freakish girl seated by his side. Frustrated, he grabbed his food tray and made to the next line where his friends were seated, leaving the girl behind. She didn’t follow this time. She sat quietly, staring….staring.

“What’s it with you bro?” Damian, one of his pals asked as he took a seat “Why did you yell like that at your food?”

“My food? My food? That creepy girl keeps following me everywhere and nobody even bothered to ask me how I feel, only why I yelled?”

“What creepy girl?” Nathan asked coolly. They all looked at the table Jayce had just left. Jayce could see she was still seated there, grinning at him. But when they looked back at Jayce, they still had the lost expressions on their faces.

“She is seated right there guys.” He muttered, shaking his head and eating his food.

“There is no one there, dude.” Damian replied. Jayce looked back at the table. Of course she was still sitted there, still staring, still grinning.

“Have you guys suddenly gone blind?” He asked, looking back at them ” The creepy girl at that lone table on a white tank top”

“There is no one at that table, Fam” Sammie said. “You sure you good?”

Right now, his four friends were looking at him weirdly, like he had lost his senses.

Jayce could see the girl as clear as day, sitting on the table but for some reason, his friends couldn’t.

Then it hit him.

He turned to look at the creepy girl carefully this time. And the more he stared, the more the realization flooded his subconscious mind. She raised her hands slowly and waved. The grin still plastered on her face.

Then slowly, almost like a dream…almost like a mirage, she vanished, into thin air.

When Jayce turned back to look at his friends, his face was one of horror.

“Dudes, I think I am being stalked by Angela”

His friends exchanged glances

“Who the hell is Angela?” Nathan asked.

He couldn’t tell them right away. They wouldn’t understand.

When he turned fourteen years old, he had witnessed two grown boys in their late teens, rape and kill a girl at the beach during a summer vacation with his family at his hometown in Florida. He had watched long enough to see them bury her in a shallow grave. They kept on calling her names as they assaulted and molested her.


Now two years later, for some reason, this unfortunate girl paid him a visit.

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