Brief Introduction

Fiction Writ is a magazine that deals exclusively with fictional stories, either in serial or with a conclusive ending. Here, we encourage fiction writers to “…be yourself, unleash your story”, with the aims of launching their writing careers, showcase their works, connect with their fans and audience, express themselves, and even make money! The magazine is duly registered with International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 2672-5541.

Writers can decide to choose from the following genre of fictions which include Crime, Fantasy, Romance, Science fiction, Indigenous, Inspirational and Horror, or combination of two or more. Writers can also decide to chose from these subsets of fiction genres, or explore and experiment with different forms of old, new or mixed style of fiction writings like prose poetry and even fictional autobiography.

Our Rules of Engagement

To make this fiction webzine more fun and hassle-free, here are some of our rules:

  1. The webzine is for both fiction writers and those who love reading fiction writings, and for easy accessibility, all must be on social media, especially Facebook.
  2. The major posts and articles to feature on this webzine are fictions, either in series or with conclusion, with occasional info concerning our activities.
  3. The webzine is not for educational purpose, although experiences would be shared occasionally by veterans and newbie alike, and some of our activities may involve training and consultation eventually.
  4. For writers, a minimum of one story and a maximum of four stories (one per week) is allowed within a month.
  5. All stories published on this webzine must have their excerpts shared on the webzine’s and individual writers’ social media handle. This means any story to be published must have been sent to the editor first.
  6. Plagiarism is so disallowed, and the penalty would be heavy, both on this webzine and outside it. Please acknowledge the source of your story or idea or accompanying image if you aren’t the original owner.
  7. Experimenting, mentoring and collaboration/co-authoring are all allowed. We encourage all writers associated with the webzine to interact and share ideas.
  8. The major purposes of the webzine and its social media handles are to have fun with fiction writing and treat readers to fantastic stories; so let’s be ourselves and unleash our stories.
  9. You can and should share your stories on Facebook and on other social media, especially from the webzine, to garner readership, fans and more audience. This would help in item number 10.
  10. Our scheduled programmes will be released from time to time. These programmes are targeted towards financial gain for writers. For these programmes, writers are expected to have garnered sizable readership for their stories. There are no losers here, only opportunity to improve on your writing and publicity skills.

Despite all these rules, both writers and readers are expected to have fun and healthily compete with one another without rancour. . Once again, you are all welcome.

Tayo Fasuan,
Publisher and Editor, Fiction Writ.

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