Abnormal Journals (4)

by Dexter Joseph

The alarm went off. School was over for the day. Edward input his codes into his locker and it turned green, unlocked. He took out his sportswear they’d trained at the peach with that day. Moving them to his bag he locked the locker and turned for the hallway’s exit door. It was fast, he might have heard the thrusting wind, but the pain and sting which hit his face sent him keeling, hitting the ground and coiling over its steel floor, both hands to his nose, groaning aloud.

When the wave and rush of wind came slamming into his face, he heard the ball bounce about on the floor before rolling to the side. Then he heard sniggering from the hall’s entrance door from where the ball had been thrown.

For a second everything went blurry, and sounds tickled loudly against his ears. He saw what had hit him, and looked back to see who’d dared. There they were, numbering five, and the most muscular seemed to be the top boy in the clique, all with their bags, leisurely walking close. He could tell they were soccer players, which made them athletic and stronger. All looking like kids who’d been feeding on vegetables their whole life: tall, strong-looking, their footsteps loud in the silence of the hallway. His attention anyway, was on the tallest of them all. He was huge, with black eyes, and though probably around his age, he very much looked more better in every way. These were students from the B class, his class. Or maybe the boy looked so because he wore a body hugging top. The grin on his face implied he was the one who had thrown the ball. And he had done it deliberately.

“What’s up?” the boy asked the smug still on his face as he stopped before Edward. He stretched his hand to help Edward up, but when he declined, making to stand on his own, the boy grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him up to his feet and his back pinned against the locker.

“What did I do wrong?” Edward moaned. His face was creased in both pain and surprise.

“My girl texted me that you were harassing her in class today. That’s flirting gone too far, bro,” the boy said. The thickness of his voice already showed the winner if a fight ever ensured. Almost immediately Edward realized who he was. His anger was quickly replaced by a sense of embarrassment.

His eyes widened, surprised. Sasha lied against him? He thought. “No I didn’t—”

“Oh don’t defend yourself. There’s no need for that. Just wanted to tell you something.” The boy let go of Edward’s shirt, helping him dress it back in order. Then gently held him by the shoulders, his face closed in a lot more. “People here mostly think me a bully. Well, I am. They think I’ve got anger issues. Well I do. They think I’m the jealous type. That is where they’re wrong. I don’t get jealous over what can’t be taken from me to begin with. I can’t get jealous over people like you. I can only break your bones.

“There’s of course nothing wrong with admiring. Just don’t fall for the temptation. Then again, to avoid the fall, don’t look at all. Got it?” he smirked. And when Edward didn’t respond, his smug left his face. He slapped him mildly randomly against the face until Edward yelped in pain.

“Yes. Yes I do!” Edward’s voice was broken. He looked about and saw four students walking towards the hall, laughing and walking by. The shame increased. It likely was going to leak by tomorrow, and he’d be the laughing stock of the entire class.

The boyfriend sighed, smiling. “Good. Now pick the bag and run along now before I actually do what I’ve been tempted to.” He gestured at the bag. Edward picked it and quickly hurried for the door. Watching him run for the door, the boys laughed in amusement.

Even as he Edward reached for his bicycle, he could still feel and hear their mockery in his head. His breathe was heavy and deep. Enraged, tears trickled down his eyes for reasons he found himself unable to explain, and for one, he was certain there was no reason to cry, but a lot of reasons to be infuriated. So he let the rage boil in line with the thoughts which ran through his head. He rode off and fast into the empty road, taking a narrow route to avoid being seen by the other students. His legs spun fast as the wheels rolled with his speed, his momentum increased as he thought more and rode even more.

There was a curve on the route so sharp one couldn’t negotiate fast enough, because of the side weeds and bushes sprouting high on both sides. Edward rode in, taking a quick curve to his right. Only at full turn did he hear the deafening honk and see the screeching car just a second away from him.
The car screeched, those in it gasped. It all happened fast. There was no time to halt nor swerve out of the way. The collision came faster than the eye’s speed. Edward flew into the air, toppling roughly over the car and tearing past the roof a second later. He came hitting hard against the car’s boot and down at the tarred road.

The car screaked to a halt, smoking oozing off its tires like tree branches set on fire and watched from afar. Its boot was squeezed in. The roof was crushed in from the center where the body had hit and scrapped past. There were three boys in the car, all slightly above twenty, seemingly drunk but sober enough to know they had just hit someone, hard. And he wasn’t moving.

“What the— We just killed someone!” One amongst the boys exclaimed, fright already seated on his face as he stared back at the body lying motionless on the floor.

“Dude, drive! Drive!” Another yelled amidst the mumbling tension that held all three of them. After seconds of effort, the car came back to life, zooming off, tires screeching through the ground as it drove.

Edward opened his eyes, moaning. He stood on his knee, then to his feet. He’d just collided into a speeding car. He shook his head left to right to recollect his senses knowing where and where in him should really hurt. Reaching for those spots however, nothing was felt. Everything seemed numb. Looking over the shoulder, beneath his torn sweatshirt was a black layer of shiny solid substance, smooth like cooled steel, like a body-hugged amour. A tap on it with his hand resounded a lot like he had touched pure steel. Only then did he realize what his hand looked like. The darkened layer of smooth material perfectly sat over his skin. Yes, he realized. It wasn’t just his arm and shoulder. It was everywhere. Everything about wherever he touched on his body, felt numb. He felt nothing, on his face, his chest, his torso, everywhere. No heat nor cold, no pain nor friction, but he could move his limbs and feel the movements.

His eyes were wide open. He was shocked. All which remained constant and relative was the unending throb of sharp pain against his brain. He looked over where he had fallen; the tar were crushed in, and its surroundings broken out in scraps. He panted, watching his fear get consumed by more fear. Almost immediately, the black layer over his body rapidly regressed, swallowed by his true skin. The weather now felt very warm, the sun, scorching. He could feel that now. Looking around, with no one was in sight, Edward turned and fled himself, running through the bush. Afraid to be seen and questioned for whatever it was that had just happened.

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