12 years without a head

by Oluwatoyin Adeniji

Kel, an investigator with the Police Force, had been working to solve the mystery of finding decapitated 12-year olds in his neighbourhood.

Every lead he had led nowhere close to unravelling the mayhem. Strangely, from interrogating parents/guardians of these kids, they just woke up to find the ugly sights right there in their homes.

Kel’s fear and concern grew more. His daughter Dora was 12 too and 11 bodies had been found so far.

One night, shortly after her 12th birthday, Kel tucked Dora into bed and made sure the house was safe. He checked all locks and was sure the alarm was on before sleeping off on his bed, just beside Dora’s with his short gun beside him.

Later during the night, Dora snuck out of bed to the basement where she was seeing a movie Kel didn’t approve of. Twelve midnight met her there and she heard a noise.

A tiny little sound.

She heard it again and looked in the direction of a painting of the headless clown dragging a bag that her dad painted the day before she was born, and she could have sworn she saw the bag move a little.

She paid more attention and yes, it moved!! She stood up watching the scariest sight she’d seen but for so much fear couldn’t run.

She saw it jerked out of the canvass with its bag of heads in one hand and a sickle in the other. Just when she thought to run, it was too late.

Kel rushed down there when he heard her scream and met his “painting” killing his daughter. He shot at it and everything turned into a mixture of paintings on the floor:

The clown, his sickle, the heads in his bag and his precious daughter Dora.

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