Revolt by nightfall

by Dexter F. I. Joseph “They kill us like we on our own aren’t living creatures! Like we have no right to live! Well, that time is long past! Tonight we shall show them our…

In Your Name

by Dexter F. I. Joseph Merije walked into the house scuffling, desperately searching for the couch to fall into. The softness of the seat further made his back ache and his muscles tensed. He was…


by Dexter F. I. Joseph The dead baby is back in the mirror. Wrapped in blood, it has an alluring smirk on its face. Its arm, an incomplete limb, rests on the reflective mirror hung…

Rogue Piece

Prologue Dr. Chime Akure, the lead scientist for the cloning program on Eon. May 12th, 2051 The Q9 changes everything we know about eugenics and human biology. Everything. With this DNA altering agent, there is…

The Grass-Cutter Man

By Prince Akatika I am a grass-cutter man, and I have no other destiny than to cut grass in my entire existence. In my village, there is one bush animal called grass-cutter, which I like…

The Albatross Is Dead

by Paul Hook

He was unconventional – old school – in his methods. I apprenticed by working in a barbershop, honing my skills with a straight razor. He taught me how to slit people’s throats while I gave men a close shave. I never once nicked a customer, but after six months, I knew the pressure required to sever an artery or jugular.

Ever Seen

by Dexter F. I. Joseph

Isolated under the embrace of leaves and stems, a young girl lay on the floor, cuddled by the earth and as though in deep, terrifying slumber, her eyes stayed squeezed shut as was her gnashing teeth. Her clothes were worn out, shredded on various parts, and soiled with dirt. Her hair was the dome of slovenliness, long, twisted into each other and with an unusual dirty but silver colour.


by Mhembeuter Jeremiah Orhemba

Nevertheless, I pray you find peace wherever you are right now. That God shows mercy. That I move on too, though fully aware that anytime I hear the word ‘suicide’, thoughts about you and Akachi will fly back into my face, and that thoughts about what could and could not have been for both of you, will haunt my soul mercilessly.

No Going Back

I decided to make a stand, but the whole thing needed to be perfect and it so happened that he had booked a visit to my city. The details were all posted online: when, where, who. Everything. Like manna from heaven.

Daemoñ Of Kaamari City (1-3)

Its face was hollowed, eyes large and sunken, red as the colour of blood. The skin pallid and dry, clawed and large hands and the muscles around its scrawny frame were thick and ripped on all sides.

The Last Baptism

by Anne Bidemi Akinnagbe

“Accept, we ask O Lord, the prayers of your people with the sacrificial offerings, that what has begun in the paschal mysteries may, by the working of your power, bring us to the healing of eternity, through Christ our Lord…”

The Hangman’s Noose

by Paul Hook

It seemed that the whole town had arrived. Jimmy stood in the shadow of the scaffold, noticing the undertaker and the whores placing bets on the outcome – broken neck or asphyxiation. Wishing he had money, he spit into the dust.

Thin Lines: A Game of Choices

By Grace Ashele

My bed was cold, but I was boiling up inside. My body was immobile from pains as I drummed my fingers on my thighs and waited my turn. This was a game and I had no say in when it would stop or when it would be my turn to duel. Or make a move. Literally.

Blue Mind

by Orhemba Mhembeuter Jeremiah

No you’re not, silly head! The disapproval, the coarseness of the voice sent a bolt through him. His skin hardened with goosebumps. The voice was distinct, like the voice of an entity in his head. All this while he had thought the voice to be his intuition. It definitely wasn’t his inner voice speaking.